comfort, peace, & adventure!

Naot has dedicated itself to providing quality crafted shoes for over 70 years. Naot provides comfortable sandals and shoes that not only stand out but make a statement.

Why Naot?

Naot insoles are a blend of cork and natural latex that perfectly replicate the shape of your feet.

Hallux Support.

Prevents the foot from slipping forward with each step and helps to improve the foot’s hold on the shoe.

Elevated Footbed Center.

The elevated center of the insole can alleviate pressure in the joints of the central part of the foot.

Arch Support.

Reduces pressure along the spine and joints by evenly distributing body weight.

Deep Heel Indentation.

Helps to maintain the natural shape of the pad of the heel.

Latex Sponge Layer.

A layer of padding that provides softness.

Flexibility, Durability & Shock Absorption

The comfort footbed is made of a high-quality blend of cork and latex, ensuring flexibility, shock absorption, and long-term durability.