Custom Orthotics, Walking Shoes & Comfortable Shoes in Houston, TX & Katy, TX

About Us

For Your Toes and Feet is owned by two local podiatrists. Our footwear is not only stylish, but it is best for your body!

We carry shoes that have the absolute best support without sacrificing the style you desire. We have a wide range of styles to appeal to all tastes, from contemporary to conservative. We also carry shoes with slip-resistant soles for those who need this feature for an active job.

According to a survey done by the American Podiatric Medical Association, 78% of Americans experience foot pain due to uncomfortable or ill-fitting shoes. You don’t have to suffer through it! If you are experiencing any of the aches and pains listed below, visit one of our stores, and we will help you find a shoe that can alleviate your pain.

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